Between the Generator

                       and the Tip of the Handpiece

Smart Blocks
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Smart Transition blocks are often used inside hand pieces to provide an efficient way to splice cables and wires together.

MEDCONX Smart Transition medical connector blocks efficiently splice cables and wires inside hand pieces, can be designed in any size or shape.
Smart Block
Smart Plugs
Smart Cable
Smart Limiter
Smart Receptacle
Smart Transition
Smart Termination
Smart Transition blocks are also perfect for making solderable electrical paths between different materials or for incorporating active or passive electronics directly into a hand piece. Smart Transition blocks can be designed to integrate into existing mechanical features for alignment, retention, and strain relief.

Designed for Wire to Wire transitions
Can be designed in any size or shape to fit inside existing hand pieces
Perfect for changing cable types, e.g. Ribbon Cable to Round Cable, Flex Circuit to Round Cable
Perfect for changing material types, e.g. Stainless Steel to Copper Wire
Can be used for exterior locating and alignment for mating pieces
Uses Smart Terminations
Perfect for combining and/or multiplexing thermocouple leads
Smart Transitions
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