Between the Generator

                       and the Tip of the Handpiece

Smart Blocks
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Smart Receptacles are drop-in        replacements for traditional, costly,
long lead time connectors.

MEDCONX Smart Receptacles are reliable drop-in replacements for traditional, costly, long lead time medical connector receptacles.
Smart Block
Smart Plugs
Smart Cable
Smart Receptacle
Smart Transition
Smart Termination
Smart Receptacles have been specifically designed for use in disposable medical hand pieces and are carefully engineered to provide extremely high quality parts at a low cost. Using mass production techniques, Medconx has dramatically reduced lead-times on connector assemblies. This makes Just in Time manufacturing possible for Medical Device applications.

"Drop-In Replacement" for most current connectors
One to 78 Pins
Standard or Custom Keyways
Wide Variety of Colors
A Large Selection of Materials
Low Cost
Uses Smart Block Technology
Male and/or Female Connectors Available
Smart Limiter Technology Available
Smart Receptacles
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