Between the Generator

                       and the Tip of the Handpiece

Smart Blocks
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Custom Products
Product Development
Between the generator and the tip of the hand piece—MEDCONX provides product design and development assistance in integrating 21st century cost-saving and yield-improving technology.

Incorporating MEDCONX technology into product design specifications results in dramatic product improvements and lower assembly costs for hand pieces used in minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic devices. Product development and production delivery times have also been substantially shortened.

MEDCONX Smart Block connector interface technology can reduce assembly times by up to 80 percent, improve yield, and increase field reliability for your product line. One small block can make a huge difference to your bottom line and the quality of your medical device.

MEDCONX technology makes the difference in cost, reliability and time to market. We look forward to collaborating on your next project.

To upload and attach images or CAD files, please use our RFQ form.
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