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Smart Blocks
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MEDCONX Smart Block connectors reduce product assembly time, improve yields, and increase product reliability for medical device OEMs.
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MEDCONX Smart Block™ connectors are the result of proprietary MEDCONX enabling technologies that significantly reduce product assembly time, improve yields, and increase product reliability for all wire terminations.

Important product improvements and reduced assembly costs of hand pieces used in minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic devices results from incorporating Smart Block into product designs.

The industry wide process of terminating wires is still largely done by hand, with production workers connecting hair-thin wires with solder and glue. The MEDCONX system for capturing and terminating fine wires dramatically transforms this costly and error-prone procedure. The result is significantly reduced labor time and higher production yields.

Smart Blocks are typically shipped in panels of 400 to 1300 connectors (depending on size, density, pin count, etc), allowing manufacturers to connect wiring in hundreds of hand pieces nearly simultaneously. Because the manufacturing of Smart Blocks is fully automated, manual assembly quality issues are eliminated. Prototype development and production delivery times are also substantially shortened.

The MEDCONX Smart Limiter™ is a mechanical device available as an option mounted on the Smart Block. The Mechanical Smart Limiter limits hand piece functionality from between 1 to 3 uses and can be incorporated into most existing products without significant redesign. The mechanical limiter is fully compatible with the major sterilization techniques currently in use today.

The Electronic Smart Limiter allows for any desired number of uses before disabling the hand piece. It is suitable for ETO but not for Gamma or EBeam Sterilization.

As the mating connector is installed, it activates the Smart Limiter counter. With each installation of the connector, the counter advances to the next position. Once the desired count has been achieved, the Smart Limiter limits further usage of the electrical function of the "single-use" hand piece.

The MEDCONX Smart Cables® line of universal disposable generator cables was developed with the Smart Plug™ ability to mate with any existing generator.

Smart Cables® connectors incorporate the Smart Plug engineered friction fit which replaces costly latching systems. This system is a cost-effective method to connect any medical device hand piece to any connector type on the installed base of generators in the field.

MEDCONX (under its EMC Component Group) small form-factor, Low Noise Oscillators reduce time to market by utilizing existing product designs without costly redesign to meet EMC requirements. Clock harmonics are modulated to reduce electromagnetic emissions and associated harmonics up to 20dB at the source.

These advanced spectrum spread modulators are direct replacements for any standard surface mount, 8 or 14 pin dip clock oscillator from 6 to 120 MHz. A standard TTL or CMOS compatible output meets clock requirements of all major CISC, RISC and DSP processors.

Our patented EMI Suppression Adapter can be used with any standard oscillator to reduce EMI. It is designed to give maximum EMI reduction from 20 MHz up to 1 GHz.

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