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MEDCONX innovative Smart Block connectors, Smart Limiter, Smart Plug and Smart Cable for medical device OEMs and surgical hand piece manufacturers.
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In 2015, MEDCONX was acquired by ATL Technology. Together they provide 21st century connection technology for makers of disposable medical devices. We focus our services and resources in two specific directions:

• The science of medical connectors
• The service of medical connections

We have helped surgical hand piece manufacturers significantly cut production costs, reduce assembly time, and build more reliable products. We have developed innovative new products and technologies such as the Smart Block™ connectors, our versatile cost saving wire termination and interconnect platform; the Smart Limiter™, our line of mechanical and electronic use-limiting devices; the Smart Plug™ which allows intermateability with almost all receptacle connectors, and the Smart Cables®, our line of customizable, universal, and disposable connector cables.

Servicing MEDCONX customers means reducing their connections inventory lead times and demonstrating a willingness to custom design and build connectors that will optimize the production and performance of their surgical and diagnostic hand pieces. Custom connectors and cables generally make the units lower in cost.

MEDCONX originated as EMC Component Group in 1996, a supplier of tiny low-noise oscillators and EMI suppression adapters for avionic, military and medical product applications. It developed the Smart Block connector interface in 2000 when an oscillator customer asked the company to solve wire termination issues that were impacting its assembly costs and manufacturing yields. The resulting technology opened a gateway to a new market for MEDCONX in a highly specialized area of the medical device market.

MEDCONX offers collaborative solutions to all customer requirements. Our headquarters and design facilities are located in Santa Clara, California.
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